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Commercial and Residential Cleaning in Norristown, Pennsylvania

Clay & Son Janitorial Services Inc., in Norristown, Pennsylvania, is proud to be your source for reliable commercial cleaning and residential cleaning services. If you are interested in saving time and money by using our courteous cleaning professionals, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Your Clean Quote
When you are ready to take the first steps towards your property care, let our professionals come out and evaluate your space. We will find out how often your property needs to be cleaned and provide you with a quote. After this, we would be able to begin working for your space within a week.
Window Cleaning
To complement our cleaning services, we also offer window cleaning. For this service, we tend to the inside, outside, and seals of your windows. This service is primarily for first floor offices but is available for second and third floors as well as residential properties.
Floor Cleaning
Keep your floors looking great with us. This service typically runs $30 for 10 by12-foot space and is also available for your entire home including those tricky stair wells. We can also provide floor cleaning by individual room and we specialize in cleaning and polishing hardwood floors.
You don't have to live or work with dingy floors. Trust in our environmentally friendly cleaning products to care for you property. These products work great and they will not threaten the health of your kids, customers, or pets.
Cleaning, Residential Cleaning in Norristown, PA
For more information about our cleaning service, contact us in Norristown, Pennsylvania, and request a quote.